Shellfish Commission

Each person must obtain a license from the Town Office or Camping Area for harvesting of Softshell Clams, Hen/Surf Clams, and Quahogs.

  • A Resident License is only valid while residing in Town. If camping or renting a summer cottage your license becomes invalid once you are no longer camping or renting in Town. A person who wants to “day trip” from outside of Town must purchase a Non-Resident License.
  • Fees: $25.00 for Resident License, $30.00 for Non-Resident License. Residents 16 years and younger or 65 years of age and older can obtain free licenses. Licenses are valid from the date of issue until June 30th of the next year.
  • Minimum Softshell Clam Size: 2 inches
  • Minimum Quahog Size: 1 inch on the hinge
  • Maximum amount of Softshell Clams and Quahogs per PERSON per DAY: 1 peck each
  • Maximum amount of Hen/Surf Clams per PERSON per DAY: 1 bushel
  • Shellfish shall not be sold

1 Peck = 1/4 Bushel = 2 Gallons = 8 Quarts = Several inches below the top of a 2 1/2 Gallon Bucket




Clam flats in Phippsburg may close from time to time for:

Pollution by human or animal fecal coliform bacteria. Consumption of contaminated shellfish can cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and in extreme cases death may result. If symptoms occur, call for medical aid immediately, Telephone 9-1-1.

Red Tide or paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP). The neurotoxin that causes PSP blocks nerve impulses, causing paralysis of the respiratory muscles and extremities. It is so poisonous that consumption of just one mussel could be fatal. Symptoms most often occur within 30 minutes of ingestion and include a tingling, numbness or burning sensation of the lips, gums, tongue and face, and death may result. If symptoms occur, call for medical aid immediately, Telephone 9-1-1.

Conservation activities such as reseeding of young clams to increase yields in sparse areas.