Parker Head Road Construction

Construction on Parker Head Road began on September 5th, 2023.
The initial phase of work involves blasting and excavation between Ebb Tide View and Sam Day Hill which will require closer of that section of road for up to 6 weeks between the hours of 6:30AM and 6PM.
The remainder of Parker Head Road is open to local traffic only meaning that Parker Head Road cannot be used for thru traffic during this time.
Those coming north on Parker Head should use Sam Day Hill as the detour to access Route 209 and those accessing parts of Parker Head Road south of Sam Day Hill should use Sam Day Hill as the detour route when traveling south on Route 209.
Households directly impacted by the closure and blasting/excavation have been notified via USPS and directional signage will be placed to indicate the direction of traffic in relation to the work being undertaken that day.
Once blasting and excavating is complete on this section of road, the road will be open to one lane traffic during construction.