2023 - 2024 Tax Bills

* If you were NOT the OWNER OF RECORD as of April 1, 2023, or sold your property after
this date, please forward a copy of this bill to the NEW OWNER, sorry we will not.
* All payments are credited to ANY & ALL PREVIOUS UNPAID taxes.
* Taxes are payable upon receipt of this bill & interest of 6.0% will be charged
beginning November 16th on the first half payment & May 16th for the 2nd half payment.
* If your mortgage company pays your taxes... You will need to forward a copy to them.
* Want a receipt, YOU MUST SEND a SELF ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE with your payment.
* PLEASE write the Account Number or Map/Lot on your check or money order.
* The year's mil rate (Fiscal Year 2024) is 11.44. Last year's mil rate (FY 23) was 10.12.
* Without State Aid for Education, Homestead Exemption, BETE and State Revenue Sharing,
your tax bill would be higher.
* Tax Collector contact information: 207-389-2653 or tax@phippsburg.com